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An Invitation to Transformational Conversations

The Path to Your Self and Your Courageous Life


When we have become disconnected from ourselves and have stepped off our path of personal meaning we experience distress, anxiety, confusion and feel lost and alone.

I have found through many years of talking with people who work with me that problems such as clinical depression, anxiety, trauma, self criticism, guilt, shame, loss, grief and low self-worth can all be helped through real conversations that resolve blocks and transitions and deepen the connection to your true Self. Transitional pivot moments in life are helped by beautiful questions such as, “Who am I really right now in my life?” and “Who do I want to be?” can be clarified, transitions navigated and your life infused with vitality so that you can be live forward and not be lost in confusion, fog or stuckness. I see our time together as joining together, collaboratively, in helping you create a path to arrive once again to hold hands with the real you: hearing the deeper call of your truth and moving toward a fuller potential in your life, relationships and work.

Aligning with Your Authentic Self

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