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Transpersonal Psychology

"A transpersonal psychology specialization emphasizes the counselor's presence, openness and authenticity as being central to the therapeutic process; it views emotional dysfunction as an opportunity for growth and maintains a respect for the client's self-healing capacities. Transpersonal psychotherapists are interested in exploring the interaction and integration of personality, feelings and spirit - empowering their clients to connect with their essential self and to fulfill their soul's purpose. Using traditional psychotherapeutic tools as well as dream work, guided visualization, authentic presence, expressive arts, meditation and more, transpersonal therapists facilitate processes that support dialogue with one's inner wisdom. " (JFK University)

"The antecedents of transpersonal psychology can be found in Eastern spiritual traditions, such as Buddhist, Sufi, Taoist, and Vedanta traditions; in spiritual practices of the monks and saints from the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox religions; in the American Transcendentalist movement, represented by Emerson, Thoreau, and the religious democracy of the Quakers and other early American Protestant denominations; and in the pioneers of modern cross-cultural psychology and psychology of religion, Carl Jung and William James.
(Association for transpersonal psychology) www.atpweb.org

Other Transpersonal pioneers who have influenced my work include:

C.G. Jung, Stan Grof, Ken Wilber, A.H. Almaas (The Diamond Heart Approach), Assagioli (Psychosynthesis) http://www.aap-psychosynthesis.org/welcome.htm

More on What is transpersonal psychology? http://www.itp.edu/

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